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Bexhill Community Bus: Photo Gallery

Photo of first bus

                                     Our first ever bus OGS800V  in 1980


three buses

 In 1986 we acquired our third bus. C24KDT was a 16 seater Dodge.
 It is seen here soon after delivery flanked by its two predecessors,
 the first of which (OGS800V) would shortly be sold.

Our fourth bus was a 1989 Iveco F572SPO.  It is seen here in the
summer of 1994, reversing into the parking area behind the De La
Warr Pavilion. The  bus on the far left is C24KDT and on the right
      is its replacement,  the newly acquired Ford Transit  L760LDY.

L Bus

 In  August 1993 we acquired our  fifth bus. L760SDY was our first
 Ford Transit and it also marked a change of livery to white.  It is
 seen here , during a ceremony to mark its delivery, in the company
of Brian Lovell who has undertaken our driver training for many years.


        bus image

Managing Director Ian Harris proudly shows off our sixth bus (N149UTA) in 1996 


            Photo of N149UTA

                                           Another view of our sixth bus N149UTA


T Bus

Our seventh bus (T361AFG) standing outside the new garage in Beeching Road


Bus photo

           Our eighth bus, KL02OAM, bought in 2002,  marked a further
            change of livery, this time to yellow. 


Bus photo

          Our ninth bus, GX04GNP,  bought new in 2004


Bus photo

      Our tenth bus, GX07FJO,  seen here outside the garage in
     Beeching Road immediately prior to going into service for the first
     time on  the morning of Saturday 12 May 2007.


                    Bus photo

   Our eleventh bus HV10 VBK  seen here at Sutton Place on its fourth day      in service, 17 June 2010.


          13 bus


Our twelfth bus is a Volkswagen which went into service on 3rd July 2013. It is seen here at Sutton Place on 3rd August 2013 working the 10.24 service to the Town Centre.

                   photo of 65 bus

Our latest bus is a Mercedes Benz "Sprinter" with bodywork by EVM.  It went into service
on Tuesday 17th November 2015 and is seen here during driver familiarisation and before
being being "signed"